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Journal Entry          : Tuesday, 25 January 2011 07:18:15 PM

Oh wow, I have got to stop! Coming home today the traffic was really bad and for some reason when its bad, then slow, hesitant and careless drivers seem to proliferate. And these drivers bring out the worst in me through no fault of theirs. This blog is going to be self indicting, but hopefully cathartic and enabling.

What am I talking about? Gosh, this is actually difficult because I must dig deep and admit my hypocrisy. When confronted with one of these slow or hesitant drivers; drivers on cell phones, drivers who are dawdling in the fast lane and so forth, I get angry. Harsh words, accusations and recrimination are the order of the day, but God forbid that they should hoot at me – what a hypocrite I am!

I must and will make an active effort to curb my impatience, to be more courteous, to give way and wave. Hopefully in time it will become more habitual and perhaps…I will become a better driver on the road.

Can you do the same?

Until the next entry!

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